Membership for Virtual Assistants

If you're looking for support in refining your marketing and business strategies, achieving your goals, and taking your business to the next level of growth, then come on in!

Espresso Lounge Options 

Monthly Membership


per month

Month-to-month membership. Stay as long as you like. No cancellation fees.

Yearly Membership


per year

Pay your membership yearly and get one month free.

Resources & Workshops

Practical sessions designed to help you master your mindset while learning practical strategies to grow as a Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager.

Coaching & Training

The weekly workshops provide frequent opportunities for you to work with a VA Industry specialist Business Coach.

A Beautiful Community

You don't have to feel alone in your business anymore. We're here to support and encourage each other. You're not just another member - you're a treasured friend.

Membership Inclusions:

Here are some of the perks of membership:

Practical training workshops & guidance to help you grow:

  • Weekly workshops presented by Business Coach, Michelle Marks
  • Sessions focusing on mastering your mindset as well as practical strategies for your growth
  • Time, space and guidance to work on your business, helping you gain clarity and momentum

A close like-minded community

  • You'll join the Espresso Lounge Facebook community - a group of kind, welcoming and supportive fellow women in business
  • Monthly co-working sessions with fellow members

A library of useful resources

  • Gain access to my library of business workbooks, templates, planners and activities
  • Access to video training library and workshop replays
  • New resources added every month

VIP Pricing for 1:1 sessions

  • As an Espresso Lounge member you'll be entitled to VIP pricing for 1:1 strategy and coaching sessions with Michelle


How will this help you?

If you decide to become a member, you will immediately be welcomed into a close-knit group of the most supportive and encouraging ladies you'll ever meet. They're in business just like you, so you'll bond over similar joys and challenges of business-from-home life.

Then, when you join some of the sessions and access resources, you'll get all this too:

Gain the clarity you need

It sucks when you're stuck in your direction because you don't have the clarity you need to move forward. And I'm big on giving you clarity, so no matter what keeps you up at night; your niche, gaining new clients, imposter syndrome, confidence, or the sheer number of ideas swirling around in your brain...  I'm here for you.

Achieve goals you never thought possible

Your mind is probably brimming with lots of ideas that you want to implement, and you may be tackling too many at once or, at the other end of the scale, you may not know where to start. Either way, I'll help you turn your ideas into accomplishments to celebrate!

Have a safe place to work through your challenges

As a VA running a business from home, you'll have a unique set of challenges to work through. My members often comment that they feel safe enough to share their challenges. This means that with each other's support, help and motivation, you'll work through your struggles much faster than dealing with them alone. 

Access outcome-focused activities

Business should be fun! So my workshops, activities and brainstorming sessions are designed to make planning and strategy fun, while making sure we achieve the outcome we want. Progress is important!

Gain fresh new ideas!

Even though you've got heaps of ideas (aren't those 2am business ideas are the best?) you may still get a bit stuck at times. Our content can feel a bit stagnant, we may not know how to deal with a certain problem... you know those times! This is where our brainstorming sessions and masterminds come in really handy!

Espresso Lounge Membership

The Espresso Lounge is a membership subscription available to service-based business owners. The membership provides exclusive access to the Espresso Lounge community, dedicated development sessions, training, and resource hub.

AUD 45.00

“The Laptops and Lattes Espresso Lounge has been a fantastic addition to my business life! Between the networking and opportunities to participate in the live webinars and discussions it's wonderful to be surrounded by like minded business women. Michelle provides an array of useful information and discussions for us all and everyone in the community is amazing. I would definitely recommend joining the lounge if you're looking to network and gain insightful information relating to your business and have the opportunity to be presented online webinars and workshops on various topics. A++ ”

Prime Virtual Assist

Laptops & Lattes

“The Espresso Lounge is such a valuable place for me to be at right this moment. I have struggled so much with confidence in my business, dreaming my dreams, working on my vision, my niche etc. I have been very aimless. Since joining this group I have been getting one on one help from Michelle, access to workshops and contributions from members when asked and other plentiful valuable resources along the way, which has helped me grow tremendously! I get all giddy inside when I think of this group and how much it benefits me. I reckon if you are not in this group you are certainly missing out! ”

Virtual Bloom

Laptops & Lattes

“I'm loving the Espresso Lounge so far. It's a safe place to learn, meet like-minded people and a platform to support each other. I'm also loving the resources/tools and support Michelle has provided in such a short space of time, I've already had a couple of aha moments. If you're looking for support with your business, whether you're just starting out or already established...The Espresso Lounge is the place to be.”

The Pen and Paper Girl


Got a question about this membership? If you can't find the answer, feel free to contact me.

What does it include?

Your monthly membership gives you access to my exclusive Facebook community, the library of resources, video training and workshop recordings.

But the best part? The weekly workshops and sessions where you get to work on your business with the support and guidance of me as your Business Coach, along with the other ladies in the membership. It's like a catch-up with your gal-pals, but doing business-y stuff!

Who is it for?

Espresso Lounge is specially tailored for women who run a home-based business support services, such as:

  • Virtual Assistants, Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants
  • Social Media Managers
  • Online Business Managers
  • Bookkeepers
  • Graphic and Web Designers
  • Copywriters and editors

You'll get the most value from this membership if you're already running your business and you're excited about growth in your business (and are willing to do the work!)

Who is it not for?

Ladies who join the membership see magnificent transformations in themselves and their business. But believe it or not, it isn't suited to everyone.

If you're not currently running a business, if you're in a commerce/product based business, or if you're not willing to uplift and encourage fellow members, it's probably not the place for you.

I'm not sure if it's worth it, how will I know?

If you feel like Espresso Lounge ticks all the right boxes for you, but you're still feeling a bit uncertain then please know that's perfectly natural. Investing in your business and your growth, without knowing what the return is, can be scary.

If you join Espresso Lounge, you're under no obligation to stay. You can purchase a month, try it out, and if it's not for you then you can cancel - no questions asked.

If you love it, then I'll be jumping for joy that you found the right place to be! Quite a lot of current members have said, "I wish I had joined sooner!"

What topics are included?

All topics are most relevant to women running a VA industry business. I like to balance the mindset work with the practical strategies that will help you grow a business you love. Oh I'm really big on you doing business your way, not following cookie-cutter strategies that don't work.

We focus on topics such as:

  • big picture thinking - making your vision a reality
  • strategic planning (but a fun and simplified way)
  • goal-setting
  • mindset
  • marketing and gaining clients
  • finance and budgeting
  • niching
  • growing and scaling your business

Remember, this is your membership. Tell me what you'd like to learn and I'll make it happen.