Cosy memberships for women in business.

Do you remember how fun it was to have a girl's night in with your best friends?

Comfy clothes, chocolate, wine and a safe space where you'll laugh until you cry, and cry until your worries drift away.

That's exactly what our group sessions can be like.

A warm, welcoming virtual room of business buddies helping each other through the joys and challenges of growing a business from home.

We laugh. We cry. We celebrate. We vent.

We're together as equals through the ups and downs of business life.

If you crave that in your life, then come and join one of our special groups.

Oh, and chocolate, coffee (or wine) and comfy clothes are still totally appropriate!


Espresso Lounge

Investment: $45 per month.

Focus: Refine, implement and grow.

Your business is doing well, but there's still things you want to refine because you know it can be better. Perhaps you're ready to take your business to new heights.

Espresso Lounge is for you.

In our supportive community we prioritise time and space to work on our business together.

Practical workshops that make business growth easier and more fun. Doing it together, with professional guidance on hand, means you've got the motivation and accountability to make real progress.

(Note: This membership has limited places)

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Double Espresso Mastermind

Investment: $85 per month

Focus: Accountability and guidance

Are you ready to scale your business with the support of business women in the same stage of business?

Want to be treated like a respected and equal member of the table? You will!

Double Espresso is a mastermind inspired membership dedicated to women who are in a stage of growth and scaling.

We meet every week (although you're not obliged to come to every meeting) to share our progress, intentions and to workshop any challenges we're facing.

(Note: This membership has limited places)

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Still not sure?

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