Laptops & Lattes Podcast

The podcast for established Virtual Assistants who want to LOVE their business again!

The Laptops & Lattes Podcast is packed full of inspiring advice to motivate and support you in your journey of growing a business that fulfills you in every way.

About the Podcast

Whether you’ve been in business for years or you’re just starting out, the Laptops and Lattes Podcast is packed full of fantastic advice to motivate and inspire you.

Your host, Michelle Marks, is a lifelong entrepreneur and Business Coach for the VA industry. Through mindset and strategy work, as well as virtual hugs when needed, Michelle loves to support women who want to grow and scale their home-based business.

In this podcast she talks about topics like niching, strategic planning, pricing, mindset, and marketing - all as it relates to running your VA business in Australia.

So get comfy, grab your drink of choice, and listen in!

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Laptops & Lattes

“Michelle has such a lovely, calm manner, and manages to capture your attention from the start. I really like the way she doesn’t over-complicate things, and tells a story most people can relate to. Loving your work!”

Executive Assistant

Laptops & Lattes

“Michelle’s manor is just beautiful. I could listen to her all day. I have loved every episode so far. Small actionable tips that help with the creative and big thinking parts of business. The episode length is perfect and after each episode I’ve spent time thinking about it and planning how I can make it work for me. Can’t wait to listen to more Michelle!”

Branding Photographer

Laptops & Lattes

“Michelle’s podcasts are so clever - I always feel like she’s speaking directly to me. Her insights, tips and relaxed manner make her personable and warm. If you are a woman with a service business, this is an excellent podcast that will make you think big (with a plan to succeed)! ”

Virtual Assistant