Which Marketing Strategies Suit You

Managing your own marketing, but tired of keeping up with it all?

Want to do marketing your way?

Let me show you how.

In this workshop I'm going to teach you some of the marketing strategies that can successfully be used in B2B support services, while exploring the strategies that will work in harmony with your own strengths and weakness.

You'll leave the workshop with a clearer understanding of how you can tap into your personality and interests as a way of growing your business.

What is covered

  • What a marketing strategy is (as it relates to VA businesses)
  • What an effective marketing strategy should do for you
  • 10 strategies that work well for VAs
  • How to determine your ideal strategies based on your personal strengths

You'll walk away from this workshop with more clarity around how to market your business effectively by leveraging your own personal strengths.

Is it for you?

This workshop is ideal for:

  • VA industry professionals (including VAs, PAs, Social Media Managers, Online Business Managers
  • B2B Services such as Graphic Designers, Bookkeepers, Copywriters and Web Designers

Especially if:

  • You're managing your own marketing
  • You're tired of "doing it all" without results
  • You want a less-stress option for marketing

What members have said

"Great workshop today. Really got me thinking about what is important to me and what I am good at to implement into a strategy. Thanks so much for the advice and guidance on this Michelle." -Corrina, Open Door Business Solutions

"Thanks for the workshop yesterday, Michelle! I found your approach for how to go about evaluating and being selective about marketing strategies that work for you, to be particularly refreshing and helpful. There are so many ways to go about the tricky business of marketing, and think your advice is a realistic way of looking at this topic." - Silvia, Up and Away Marketing

What you'll get

When you purchase this guided workshop, you'll receive immediate access to the workshop and resources. It includes:

  • Access to one video lesson on understanding marketing strategies for VAs
  • Access to the practical workshop showing you how to tap into your strengths
  • Workbook PDF to complete the activities

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Workshop - Which Marketing Strategy Suits You